Props for Foxtrot

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Hello friends!  

Many of you know my best furry friend Foxtrot.  I’m doing a fundraiser by selling props from my many houseplants to fund a life-saving surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his thyroid.  This has been a tough diagnosis but Fox is strong and has a good prognosis with surgical intervention. Which brings me to plants!  I’m a houseplant nut with probably too many plants  - so I’ve gathered all of their many babies and duplicates and am offering them in exchange for a suggested donation of $5/$10/$15 for small/medium/large.  This is all to cover the high cost of diagnostic tests and meds and the surgery for Foxtrot, which will be scheduled after another round of tests this week. Pickup in Loveland or drop off in Loveland/Foco - if you want to risk mail in July I’ll also mail for $10. 

If you have any questions about what they are or want to know which are older/rooted and which are more recently pulled props just send me a chat or text (if you don't have my cell number try FB messenger or use the contact form on this website)!  I’ll be able to do cash and Venmo - and if you’re not a plant person but want to support me and Fox as we navigate this bummer of a bump in the road my Venmo is @Jenn-Cover

foxy fundraiser

The Props

Counts updated 7/13 @ 11:30am

 Spider plant - 15
 Aloe - 2 large, 2 small
 Misc small succulents -13
 Misc medium succulents - 8
 Tradescantia (inch plant / wandering jew) - 6
 Haworthia - 6 small, 4 medium
 Philodendron - 1 medium, 1 small
 Pothos - chat me, more available that aren't pictured
 Hibiscus - CLAIMED
 Wandering Tradescantia - CLAIMED
 Mature snake plant - CLAIMED